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hat, press the red button on top. ♪ how did he not seehat coming? what's in your wallet? >> the same old bargain and song and dance. welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto. today the president on capit hill. he met with democrats and not republicans. which makes me wonder whether the president was offering an olive branch. republicans are thinking that they might have gotten a shorter end of the stick. in fact, that very same press, the ones saying that the ball is in their court. the last time that i checked, there is nball in any court because the president loved a
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good idea to many. republicans have no ideawhat he is really talking about i this grand bargain and why small businesses are not included in this bargain. so let me tell you what could be going on here. no grand compromise, just politics as sual. all of these guys, you would think that they would bb busting hump on the market somehow. the president would press his urgency by meeting with both party leads now. he thought we were onto something grand. we have rich edson on how this is playing out on capitol hill. >> that's right, when you listen to democrats, the house democratats nd senate democrats, it had been almost like he delivered the same speech, making many of the same points to grow the middle class along
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with other job creation measures. democrats saying they your are united behind the president. democrats say that he is the leader of our party and we ar going through a vital political season. in august we have toin these political fight so we can win the fiscal fight with government spending expiring at the end of september and a gut feeling fight that will happen in august or september. they say that this is just a longer thing, ey say that relations between house republicans and the white house has never really been chillier. but there is certainly not much conversation going on. esident obama, according to sources in the white house, they say that ty are meeting on a one-to-one basis and there was that large group that happened just a few months ago and so a number say that they are not
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making much headway on anything that would resemble a grand bargain. neil: not encouraging, but thank you for the help. happily, what do you think? >> president obama wants to create the perception that they are willing to bargain and compromise and willing to come to the center. but if you looat the details of the president's proposal, and so far as there are details, it doesn't look like there's a lot in there for people who believe in government. >> you meet with the democratic leaders to sort of get them all on the same page. but a day after when you offer this, it was game changing not to include republicans in the game the next day. i don't think that that is good. >> it is time for the democrats and their point of view, and i'm sure republicans on the other
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side are getting their talking points in order for august recess. very important, trying to change the subject which has been in the news and becoming a more noticeable part of the president's health reform. so now he wants to talk about the economy and jobs. which is not doing very good job of either. neil: when you talk about loweng taxes for everybody in the corporate world, other big businesses, maybe 20% from a small business was left out of that. a t of them pay a rate of close to 40%. surely that is sticking. >> the president has talked for a long time aout reducing the corporate rate. so ffar companies have a competitive disadvantage. i've been asking if the president and republicans believe in lowering the tax rate, why have we not done it
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yet. the devil isin the details. the president wants to lower the rate. but he also wants to change some technicalities, which could result in higher taxation for many u.s. corporations and the effective res any more money coming into the government for him to use on infrastructure and biofuels and electric cars as a priority. neil: the foll-up did not happen. thank you, happily. a former speaker says it is unspeakable what the president is doing. but he isn't being serious about doing something big, keeping republicans out of the loop. making them look small. you know, yesterday was a game changing announcement and now we are back to the same old feeling. >> yes, sources say that he actually told the democrats to go out and defend obamacare and get people revved up.
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but you asked a pertinent question. small business just got hit in januy on a huge tax increase. these are the gys that make $200,000 per year and they have a shop or a small business. some kind of franchise. they are seeking out a liing and turning their money back into their corporations. those guys are getting hit. it is something that the president said yesterday that nominee picked up on. he said we are going to adjust individual income levels to pick up some of thisost and pay for some of the programs. well, i will tell you that if you are an individual taxpayer, you better button of your back pocket. neil: another thing that was lost was that it wold be deficit neutral by cutting corporate tax rates, it wasn't
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going to be savings of that much money. honestly he was looking to close out loopholes and charge them earnings and et cetera. but they really be coming out ahead. as you can see, it' like wait a minute. >> first of all, the other side of that equation if he is creating a lot more government entities. he is taling about doing more government training and government programs that costs a lot of mone so you lose money the. the second thing is when you talk about cutting taxes on the corporate side. one of the things that we do today, 26 trillion stock overseas ecause of corporations cannot bring their money home. he's talking about this incentivizing corporations to
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bring that back. nei you know the political back-and-forth better than either. but i really thoht this was a golden opportunity for the president to have like a ronald reagan moment or to say that i'm going to stop playing the same old game. in other words, if i'm not making headway with the opposition, i'm going to start offering them something that is substantial that we can move the ball forward. part of this is to keep moving it forward. if you are trying to say -- and i don't know what went on behind closed doors, but they are thinking that they are on the defense and it was all a charade and a game. >> it is a game and he has a golden opportunity talking about tax reform. talking to small businesses. if you go back and talk to the
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leadip and the people, there is no traction there. to do this and to make real change, it takes months through this process. you have to be working on ideas and you can't just be making these type of point neil: maybe i am too alarmed, but this president has an agda, and many republicans would like this, it is off to a floppy sloppy start. he is imploding faster more than many second term presidents. that was one and all but the press seems to be doing its best to minimize this. but it eems like he is in a slow burn here. >> it is a very slow burn. but we have 3.5 more years of his presidency and i'm not sure we can survive that.
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>> what is interesting is that a lot of peop say we are glad about this. but there are a number of big issues to address. the debt keeps getting bigger. health care law is on life support itself. we don't have time tsort of sit this one out and wait for the 2016 elections or whatever. >> yes, we have to do things now in the next three years to drive our economy for the next 30 years. weave to do energy reform and really look at health care and have something that is going to work for people. we have $16 trillion in debt. i remember when interest rates were 17 nd 18 and we cannot do this. neil: it is always goodeeing you, my friend.
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the former speaker of the house, thank you so much for joining us. coming up next, the latest health care surprise that is actually pretty shocking. actually pretty shocking. we will ve the details
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neil: comes to the health care law, you can't run a you can hide. let's have liz macdonald here. >> it is one part of the health care law that is rattling the whole country. >> the president is saying that the affordable care act is doing what it's designed to do. deliver more choices and better benefits and a check on riing costs and higher quality health care. >> businesses and now even the presidentts biggest supporters are doing everything they can to avoid it. retail companies and schools and citi, dropping workers to part-time status because the
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more part-time workers they have, the less they have been cost. the rules are piling on and the hassle is endless. neil: liz macdonald is here to hash this out. we have dd joining us and rrchard benjamin as well. so that is the one unmistakable. the increang of part-time workers clearly in response to health care law. >> you're absolutely rght. this is a leading-edge happening across the country. school districts in many states, janitors, coaches, school workers. many will have to go part-time.
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aliforn, texas, michigan, iowa, they are cuttingarks and recreation and public workers. all health care driven. this is hat they are saying it is because of health reform. they are citing halth reform and dropping it because of part-time status. >> these folks are bus drivers and barely making it is it is. they have families and now they have to be cut to 30 hours with no benefits. it is really hurting the middle class and our country. what country are we living in? this is really bad. neil: let's go to richard benjamin. what do you think of this? early on the administration admits that it is surprise by the number of part-time workers that it hahelped to generate. but it is a fact.
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>> there are two critical numbers that we need to remember. 60% of personal bankruptcies were due to outrageous medical bills and someone who has a pre-existing condition, i identifieds one of two americans has a pre-existing condition. i am bankrupted or dead because of tt pre-existing condition, my paycheck moves. it is no just meant to help employees, the people. neil: but you can't get coverage at all if you have a pre-existing condition and are pretty then you're pretty much screwed. >> is a good point. the cbo has said that health reform will not stop the cost of going up anyway. we had 28 million and a record number of workers on part-time status. reunions wrote to nancy pelosi and hairy reed thing that you are destroying the work week. it is the backbone of the middle
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class. >> they might just change what is considered full-time. >> guest. >> and they dp you to 31 hours. but where is this going? health care premiums are rocketing. they could have an additional 40% added by the end of the year. that problem is not abating and it's almost le this thing is leaking like a fed. >> i think it has exploded. it's not doing what it was meant to do. so this is supposed to be obama's marquee policy. he is avoiding it. neil: he is saying, you can correct me if i'mwrong, but i'm not. [applause] >> he is saying that, you know, give this time, let this kick in. more people will take this on, whereas young people willtake this on and not problem solved, but mst will go away. what the thing? >> absolutely.
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this is a critical thing. either way, as far as this is concerned, we are in a portable economy. so they have to gain footing and understand the universal health care is the new norm and it can't just be kicking and screaming. neil: are you talking about unions? >> absolutely. neil: do you think that this ll be understood? >> they need to undetand how this works. >> many unions are losing their jobs. it's a big deal. i think that dd is right. the president is not using this as a centerpie as a major policy speech. he is not using the bully pulpit. this is a bill that was jammed
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through. >> it is the law of the land. >> yes, but republicans are trying to peal it. >> it is so unpopular. >> i understand your frustration. but don'you think the focus should be on something a. >> the unions are not happy with that. they are trying to force these employers in this way. >> the unions have to sta up to these issues that i just mentioned. i think that there are a ot of trends that now people are using obamacare as a scapegoat when bees were underway anyhow. neil: this is just an up-and-down financial decision. >> it is just not working as it
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neil: corporate woes. last year at this time, an international rock star. earning reports that never measured. but we are getting more details. it wasn't that it wasn't making enough green, it is puhing too much green. too many green initiatives. often times president obama who praise the efforts with the highly favoredtechnology.
11:24 pm
so the american taxpayers have been burned on these investments as well. you know, i can remember the president seeing this as an example. leading the charge on all of this stuff red. >> in 2009, two years after russia came into this, and we were told that we would have a green energy giant and infrastructure. he succeed in getting a vast majority of the market share and things like the european wind mark. that didn't turn out to be profitable. more subsidies haven't been able to have this e to their problems. he had gas powered turbines and obama held them out in the state of union address. but it turns out that these
11:25 pm
might not be a very sustainable business model. neil: as the president holds you up as an example to talk about how amazon is a great role model, whether you agree or disagree,e know that it doesn't always pay enough. whether it solyndra, or showing up this way or that. if you are getting praise from the president when he is inviting you to a state of the union address, you should run the other way. >> the thing is the real problem is what is president obama looking for. companies that can get subsidies and nonprofit in a short-term after that? it again and again it didn't work. it didn't work with president bush with the mandates for ethal. all the ethanol companies have had to sell out at timesto the bigger guys.
11:26 pm
neil: and only that only prompted a run up to corn related prices. >> yes, it became very expensive. so the lesson for me is that i'm not going to take this as a lesson. if you are investing in something because government is now favoring this or that technology, but that is not sustainable. all sorts of things can happen. in 2009, investing in all of ths, obama was the rockstar. we have the tea party and solyndras class. neil: here we are with our government pushing it. and simons is up against the wall because every time it was getting into these technologies, the chinese would simply buy more and finance their efforts. the response in washington was we in the government have to be big into this because the chinese are big intothis. then you just go ahead and let them buy their way into these markets. >> i will add a german company
11:27 pm
is sort of a national industry champion and general electric executives often point to them and saying that the u.s. should sort of champion ge in the same way that germany champions simon. just because another country is investing in something doesn't mean we don't have too. that is a sign thatmaybe we should back away from that industry. neil: that is a very good point. when we come back, if you want out of this, check this out. it worked for bodies bear. it makes e wonder why we are ♪ ♪
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neil: two detainees just got their debt at a free jail card. ey are heading to algeria. we did wrangle a promise of them not to do any harm to us here. if it is not easy for bad guys to bold, why are we spending so much to stop them? amican taxpayers are
11:31 pm
colleing millions of ameican phone records and e-mail records and tax records and heaven knows what else can the records. talk about mixed messaging and wasting money. on the phone we have our next guest. we are certainly sending a signal. >> yes, i understand that here is a need to find these guys and that is why we have all of these surveillance programs going on. i understand the need to kill these guys. this is preferential treatment that we would give them. jail them or kill them, that is what we are supposed to be doing. but i don't get it. so why spend all this money on the nsa. neil: do you know why these two were part of this? that there was not quite a connection and they were taking up the wrong time? we do know what got them out of
11:32 pm
there is this promise that we would do no wong in the united states. that seems to be kd of an argument. >> well, it is. but there are other reasons behind it. i understand that these guys are part of a package in order to get the taliban to ome and join us in this to my obsession. neil: that kindnever works out. >> of course, it never does. [laughter] neil: i am thinking about all these other programs. making sure that these guys don't inflict harm on us, on the one hand we are standing by this and the other hand we are just opening the jail house is. >> what we are doing is focusing the fight inward. we need to refocus the fight outward. the issue here is not what americans are doing, but what these guys are trying to do.
11:33 pm
what we need to do a better job of is finding them and capturing them and or killing him. we should not focus our efforts on inward problems. american citizens are not the problem. the vast majority are not sympathetic to terrorism. neil: thank you so much, sir. love having you even only over the phone. you know, getting around to this is pretty important. >> [inaudible] >> maybe we need more tsa guys. because today we are learning many times they are not screening anyone.
11:34 pm
unions are saying tha this hardly ever happens. and that they have more security invasions. it is sort of alarming. when you read about these guys and others and baggage and the like. i know that these are the exceptions to the rules and the a says this hardly ever happens. but largely, even after the 10% fraud and abe in criminality, it is going to get out of hand. >> you know, the facts are acccy
11:35 pm
of the facts are accurate. >> well, in your case, they would. neil: but it does raise some concerns about why the tsa wouldn't be more apologetic about it. in other words, saying that we have some serious things to look at. but instead they took very defensive tone. they have to be right about 100 ofof the time. we have to be 00%. >> they don't have good places they basically found that the left hand has no idea to pocket with t left hand is picking and they can't track people that are sentient, what punishments are put in place. for these corrupt and lazy and
11:36 pm
sleepy workers. so they cannot possibly say that they are fixing the problem. beyond that is the alternative. i had a security expert said earlier we have to privatize the force. i don't know if that is a better answer for us to make things more accountable. but maybe it cuts to the basics and boing nature of the job. it just -- itmay be leads to this. i just don't know. is there something wrong intrinsically with the nature of the job >> i thin that there is. i think what the tsa is doing is security theater. they are trying to make everyone feel safer. but it's not the same thing as actually being safer. what we are actually getting his taxpayers footing huge bills and we areot actually getting what
11:37 pm
we were promised. it would make sense to stop fighting wars, and instead really take a quantitative approach to where the ris actually reside. neil: catherine, you make so much sense. thank you. it is always good to have you. well, apparently good things do happen to those who wait. sometimes we just have to wait a little longer. we will have that next
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neil: it took a while, but look at facebook. it just might be coming back or close to coming back. it is creeping ever closer to the 30-dollar offering price. the initial investors that ng on our closer to seeing all of this payoff and a lot of
11:40 pm
those investors are breaking off. here we have or guests. thank you both for joini us. >> yes, hanging in there with facebook. the idea was a disaster. we had a surisingly strong revenue. today they announced more than 5% of any kind of clutter on facebook. so i believe that they are on the right track. >> this is a thought that went not only well south from e level that it had after it debuted, but from that level we have in advance. what is the real facebook ipo? >> they have probably been shaking out and it scared the heck out of lot of people. those folk know that facebook
11:41 pm
has the momentum behind it and the question beomes what they really executed. are we really going to hang around. we don't know what any of that looks like. but i am still wary about the company's longer-term picture. but right now i think if you own it, you hold it. perhaps the sellout. think from there you have to evaluate on a quarter by quarter basis. >> okay. it is not confirming the obvious that it is not on fire. more money is marking and going into marketing is the same
11:42 pm
i. >> microsoft should stick to what it knows. i don't mean software. but i mean that this is a hard when. >> absolutely, 100%. >> apple des a great job of surrounding this. microsoft is like living in the 80s. like a pet rock and because it's microsoft we are going t buy it. >> i bought this device. i am currently one of the few in the country. it wasn't as much of a device as the software that supposedly made this. >> yes, and again, that was the problem. we never even knew what a day. again, using that as an example, we show you how it works.
11:43 pm
it's like though, there are people dancing on a table. let me b their product. so you know, i think that we should let it go. microsoft is dead money for a long time. >> that is kind of the reputation. they used to be this fancy high-tech company. but now you have to be in it for the long run. it is totally different. much more potential for facebook right now. >> a bunch of high-tech companies still investing a ton of it overseas. largely cut spending abroad. no wor whether the president plans to cut this. we ave smller earnings and this could be quite th development. >> let's remember that they are
11:44 pm
not breaking the law. a lot of people have these negative opinions about what this company is ding very they are sheltering in hiding money. we have the highest corporate tax rates in the world. if you did like texas, you can drop this down. the perhapsyou could repatriate this and bring more jobs here. we expect people to do the ame thing. >> white guilt these companies into pay or higher taxes. people think that they should even this out. but keep in mind a lot of these companies, ge for example, they do have heir business overseas. keep the profits overseas and reinvest in the business. that is the latest gdp.
11:45 pm
do we even have an economy like this? >> it is lackluster. >> you have to wonder whether you are forcing those companies to move. >> youou know, i don't think you'll ever get companies like apple or ge moving 100% of their operations overseas. they want to maintain this. neil: to the point that they say the heck with it. >> i'm sorry? >> i said i think you're a great guest. [laughter] neil: companies might gt to the point where they throw their hand and say, our own country is telling us. >this is where companies say to themselves, we need to help the administration say this wold really more motivated.
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>> coming up
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neil: before the suspension, several players ar already expected to fight it. alex rodriguez is now singled out and he could file an appeal. randy sayshat that doesn't come easily. and rebecca says they need to
11:50 pm
find a mutual common ground. >> well, what i'm saying is that when it comes to contracts with major league baseball, he agreed to the terms. now he is a legend and he may invoke those terms. that is that you have a right to appeal or the commissioner has a moral action that he can evoke. will this happen? what evidence does he have? we just don't know. is he usig that? i don't know. is it real? >> alexander rodriguez thinks he's right. neil: is it right then to tell a player that they agree to this or you're out of life. >> they could not be more
11:51 pm
egregious. there is one command in the constitution that is actually spoken twice. which is no and should be deprived of life and libety and property without due process. you can hate alex rodriguez, but it's not about him. it's about evidence and if you have your evidence, bring it on. don't simply say if you won't age to this, this won't have anything to do the with the evidence. it is wrong and even worse than other thins. >> we are not talking about this. >> his tenure, that is when the performance-enhancg drugs became the hallmark. neil: there are rules and is club. the rules are that you don't
11:52 pm
embarrass people. >> if you want to play baseball, you agree to the rules. >> if he invokes the morality clause, he does have the option to go to federal court after that. which is his nstitutional right. but what he has to do is go through the agreement thathe made when he signed the 275 million-dollar contract. neil: i understand. but i had a contract. it's a personal contract that i cat go out on the street. and i can't go can go to, oh, say a strp club. at least not inhis outfit. [applause] >> but my point is hw could be is that to fund this.
11:53 pm
and how do i find that in court? >> the most important thing that you said is this. but you have a right to sue your employer that you said that i did it, you said i didn't. so before you take my job away from you, prove it. neil: they are having private negotiatio, whic is pursuing to the major league baseball. >> if i said i didn't do anything wrong, what are you going to do? >> h has his lawyer. he does have the right to be a lawyer and get a lawyer and no one is telling them that he can't.
11:54 pm
>> y don't punish a human being for that. he is about to. >no one is sang that he is being punished yet. he hasn'had the punishment. negotiations privaly pursuant. neil: to the one god for bid something embarrassing happens. [laughter] neil: when we come back, colombia gets the dell a detroit does not. detroit does not. detroit is [ male announcer ] these days, a small business can save by sharing. like carpools... polly wants to know if we can pick her up. yeah, we can make room. yeah. [ male announcer ] space. yes, we're loving this communal seating. it's great. [ male announcer ] the best thing to share? a data plan.
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neil: maybe detroit resident should all start speaking another language. because colombia is getting all kinds of federal aid. but maybe colombia seems to pay off their investment. at thispoint the motor city neville well. we have two guests with us and rich and lives nde. >> what is really horrible is how it had a higher murder rate than colombia. detroit is spending less money than colombia. colombia is a national security issue. even with the money that they are getting from the government, it still goes into the tank. i understand the comparison for colombia, that we spend a lot of money in foreign aid. neil: i could go back further.
11:58 pm
but be that asit may, i get more bang for the buck, it would seem. >> i hate that money that was spent. although i don't think everyone should get the money. so we know what detroit's problem is. it is the unions. all back to the unions. having people work for the unions. neil: having said that, inow the feeling of giving detroit money. a number o cities elsewhere, this could have a domino effect. but what you make of is whole phenomenon? that we are more in tune to problems abroad than problems here? >> here i was, agreeing with you up to the point that clombia is a better return on investment
11:59 pm
necessarily mandatory. then you are scapegoating the unions. >> that was me. neil: yes, that was dd. >> so yes, it it's a different kettle of fish. there is that slippery slope. i think governor rick snyder should step. more so than the federal governnt and see what he will do. neil: is bankruptcy the answer? >> the state has like 21 emergency managers. this is not a surprise. >> terrible management. we should not give thea dime. i mean, anything. but to ge them money, it's going to fail. every time he has have had a bailout, it is just not right. neil: i wish we had more time, but we don't.
12:00 am
this notion that this president let detroit go, i'm telling you it will t happen. it will be some sort of a rescue that yo will never melissa: i'm melissa francis and here's what's "money" tonight. the wage gap between ceo's and average workers is huge but should companies have to disclose just how wide it is? it is all about the power o money and steve forbes is here to weigh in. plus san diego's mayor is sued by his own city. the sexual harrassment allegations are growing practically by the hour but can the city actually force him to pay his own legal bills? wait until you hear this one. "who made money today?" they just got one of the world's most controversial billionaires in their corner. stay with us and find out who it is. even when they say it's not it is always about money.

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